Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mural in Switzerland Confronts Public with the Ethics of Arms Exports

I've just received some pretty dope aerial photographs of the mural I created for Theaterfestival Basel. And I gotta say... I'm pretty blown away!

You can probably guess that all the "dead bodies" were illustrated with the volunteering assistance of the audience. This, I think, gave the mural a certain performative quality that I feel was necessary what with the mural being part of a Theaterfestival at all.

Created in the courtyard of the Keserne Basel, a former militry base, the subject matter, I think is also quite relevant. Getting the audience to actually "become the victims" by volunteering to lay on the floor, I think adds more to the concept and gives "audience participation" an entirely new meaning.

All aerial shots above were masterfully taken by Barbara Jung.

Here are a couple shots of the work-in-progress:

None of which could have been in anyway possible without the help, hardwork, and precision of Mr. Daniel Kunzler, pictured below in the Keserne's courtyard on a not-exactly pleasant day.

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