Monday, January 16, 2012

Mad Graffiti Week Everywhere

Mad Graffiti Week has kicked off with no central organization whatsoever. Several Facebook groups have formed allowing people to organize in different neighborhoods. The most prominent of these have been Mad Graffiti Week, where Egyptians across the country are getting in touch, forming teams in their neighborhoods, and planning hits.

A group for the Alexandrian branch of Mad Graffiti Week has also formed and is very active. Funnily enough, a group for the Berlin branch of Mad Graffiti Week has also formed, and it seems as though they've been as active as the Egyptians over here.

A Polish blog has also posted about some very powerful works appearing in Poland coinciding with Mad Graffiti Week in solidarity with Egypt. The most powerful of which have been, in my opinion, the works of Kamil Gorgon and 3fala. Some very powerful imagery there.

There's also a #MadGraffitiWeek hash-tag on Twitter being used for day-to-day organization, and its extraordinary.

I must say, seeing such a massive artistic mobilization for this one cause is incredibly inspiring. The fearlessness of young hopeful believers taking to the streets with their visual expression, be it in a big city or a small village, is something truly astounding. These people are fighters.

As for my own contributions to the week, I'll be posting a roundup of them towards the end of the week ;-)

On a final note, here's a message of solidarity I've received from Blu:

Hello Ganzer
i am sorry to hear that
i am following the Egyptian situation from the beginning
of course i can only see it from Internet

honestly i never believed any military backed revolution
and this one seems no exception

i often speak about the egyptian situation because it is symbolic of what could happen everywhere else
even here in europe
i will paint something about it as son as i have the chance

best wishes for your action

It's good to know he's on our side :-)


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